Established in 2012 by a twelve and a thirteen-year-old boy, who had no idea of what they were doing and had a bunch of CCS magazines to look at, the GOИE brand was born. It was first called GONE BANANAS since the inspiration came from seeing lots of t-shirts with monkeys at the time, I have no fucking clue why monkeys were so “in” in the skate culture back then. Trying to create a brand that would fit in with the name and the trends at the time, with all the monkeys and shit, we created Patrick (the banana), our logo. Time passed and we soon forgot about it, but in 2015 the idea came back to my head. I got Frank (the thirteen year old back then) right back in on it with me and after thorough examination (bullshit we just did it cause it sounded cooler) we changed the named of the brand to just GOИE. After that I started working on our designs full time while frank focused on the technical side of things. It wasn’t until summer of 2016 that we printed our first shirts at a local print shop and it wasn’t until April 2017 that we sold our first shirt. In July 30, 2017 we created our webstore and officially launched our company and the rest, well your witnessing it right now. 

                Every clothing brand, or at least every successful one, has a story or a meaning behind it, and I believe that every brand should stand for something. It should mean something to the customer every time he/she puts on that shirt, hoodie or whatever it may be, and feel good and be proud of rocking it. I believe the customer should feel like they’re part of something. At least that’s how I see things and that’s the way I would like every GOИE customer to feel. We try to bring this feeling with every piece we release. 

                With that being said GOИE is not just a supply company, nor a clothing brand; it’s a movement, a movement whose purpose sits behind a single phrase “we’re all goners”. The most certain thing we have in life is death that’s why being a goner and taking part of our movement is being someone who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest, fighting for your beliefs, with no regrets and not giving a fuck about what anyone says. It don’t matter if your rich, poor, green or yellow, gay or straight, old or young anyone can be part of our movement the only thing we require for you to be part of us is to do one thing, to live. GOИE is about taking every little bit out of live as you can and having fun along the way, its enjoying the simple things and making live worth living because at the end of the day were all goners, some of us are just better at it.